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August 24, 2013

Chalkupy Gallery

IN THIS POST : Chalkupy slideshow; New York Times Magazine article featuring our chalkupy in Oakland; CBS helicopter footage of our chalkupy in LA; and other links for more pics and news on FJP’s chalk art!

Chalk You

The Chalkupy slideshow below is a collection of photos documenting the political chalk art we’ve made with the help of our community and random passers-by.

Email to find out about our next community chalk party  –political & playful chalking, music, open mic, food, fresh juice & camaraderie!

Click the pic below for the New York Times Magazine article featuring FJP’s Chalkupy:

Peter Bohler for The New York Times


Click the vid below for news chopper footage of FJP’s chalkupy in LA:

Click HERE for HELICOPTER VIDEO FOOTAGE of our LA chalkupy — from the local CBS affiliate!

LA TIMES article

Huffington Post article

Southern California Public Radio blog

Press Release August 9, 2012 FRESH JUICE PARTY is proud to chalk in solidarity with OCCUPY LA and CHALK WALK! They’ve called a “Global Day of Action to Chalkupy” on August 9th. FJP will host a contingent from the bay area who will travel to Los Angeles to participate in this peaceful, all-ages event. Among FJP’s group is 2012 Vice-Presidential candidate, CINDY SHEEHAN! And we’ll be chalking alongside our friends, CODEPINK!

FRESH JUICE PARTY is prepared to challenge the notion that “sidewalk chalk is graffiti” on 1st Amendment grounds (pun intended). This is an issue that’s been arising around the country in recent days as political candidates make their fundraising rounds, and political chalk art is doused by kowtowing city officials.

FRESH JUICE PARTY’s weekly Chalkupy in Oakland’s Oscar Grant Plaza shares the spirit of LA’s Chalk Walk: Opening up a public space for all members of the community to come together to have their voices heard – regardless of age, race, physical ability, artistic skill – and to have fun, and get creative and messy with art. We all have a vested interest in seeing that political chalking (as we established with Oakland Police Department in this video) is not misconstrued as vandalism; it is protected speech and it is art.


  1. [...] people writing with chalk.  Early in the morning of August 9th, the cops detained members of Fresh Juice Party shortly after they finished an enormous chalk mural in Pershing Square.  Later that day, the LA [...]

  2. sebastian

    very inspiring! solidarity from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

  3. [...] I’d seen some of the images that had been chalked on the Plaza via online photographs, but wasn’t aware that it was a regular project. Turns out they’ve been doing it every Friday at the Plaza for months. The concept is brilliant in both its simplicity and replicability. A design is produced digitally and then overlaid with a grid scaled to the actual pattern of the pavers in the Plaza. Once on site, the grid is laid out on the ground, allowing a perfect reproduction of even large, detailed designs. A .pdf explaining the entire process is on Fresh Juice Party’s site. [...]

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