FJP & friends at a performance of  Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens “Earthy: Ecosex Boot Camp” in San Francisco. We were the Sound engineers for the play.

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Who is FJP?

The OKC/CA/NYC band plays a varied collection of original tunes full of punch…er, we mean JUICE!

With two members, a few loop pedals, an eclectic array of instruments, and unapologetic genre hopping, FJP defies easy categorization on all fronts. This band’s infuriatingly catchy songs delve into pop, psychedelic, blues, experimental, reggae, world, and rock. FJP has been compared to Bowie, Dylan, Santana, Bob Marley, Elvis Costello, The Beatles & XTC.

Their debut full-length album “Where’s Our Change?” is a refreshing blend of message & medium. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, Reverb Nation

We are politically conscious and active artists who write, record and perform music, design visuals, and create happenings. While we relish in collaborating with artists of multi media, we are currently focusing on music and video projects.

We have done a variety of projects since 2011:

  • appeared in and contributed music for film soundtracks (San Francisco)
  • sound design/engineering for theater pieces (San Francisco, NYC)
  • performed in live theater & cabarets (Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Ohio)
  • produced a puppet talk show/variety show (Oakland, NYC)
  • organized, hosted and performed at an international political conference (Berkeley)
  • organized and hosted political chalk art events (Oakland, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Grass Valley)
  • wrote and performed campaign songs for various organizations and events

Known as much for making the news as making music and art, FJP’s political art shenanigans have been the subject of a commentary on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, featured in the NY Times Magazine inside cover, mentioned in a TIMES NOW interview by Julian Assange, as well as many other prominent national and international news outlets.

Why Fresh Juice?
Nothing is as sweet and pure as sweet as fresh juice. It’s the real thing.

Why a Party?
All it takes is collective creative juices. Let’s get together, have FUN and make some noise!

LINKS: Website Facebook Twitter Youtube iTunes

Soundcloud Amazon Reverb Nation Bandcamp


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Watch for news and events, including our community chalk art, CHALKUPY; our talk show w/ a lion, The Tonyght Show; and our full-length album, “Where’s Our Change?”

If you’d like to donate to our various projects, thank you!!! You can do that here: FJP Fundraising