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August 29, 2013

The Tonyght Show!

Tony’s Circus presents The Tonyght Show starring Tony King w/ Fresh Juice Party as house band! This prime-time online talk show highlights local activists and artists. The affable host is a vegan lion who is moonlighting from his regular job as a hardened circus boss. Tony’s studio announcer is acclaimed clown, The Great Klaus. Fresh Juice Party provides real world grooves as the house band for this otherworldly show. Fresh Juice Party writes, directs, edits and produces “Tony’s Circus presents The Tonyght Show starring Tony King!” Enjoy!

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Episode 5: Brent Green & Terrell Liedstrand

Episode 4: Ian Saxton & Blaze Hon

Episode 3: Mollie Costello & Vegan Boss

Episode 2: Andy Conn & Mike Rufo

Episode 1: Dr. Frank Lucido & Ariel Wang