“Democracy is not something you believe in or hang your hat on, but something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles and falls. If you participate, the future is yours.”  Abbie Hoffman
(Thank you to the lovely Johanna Lawrenson, our cohort in many fun adventures, for offering these words to us with her blessing on April 21, 2011.)

What is FJP?
FJP is a politically conscious and active group of artists and musicians. We write, record and perform music, design visuals and create happenings.

Why Fresh Juice?
It would be wonderful if the words and deeds of our elected officials were as sweet as fresh juice. Information could flow as freely as the juice of a ripened orange. We think it should. That’s why we are the FRESH JUICE PARTY.

Why a Party?

While it’s evidently impossible to expect our government to provide us with vital information pertinent to our liberties, WE have the power to squeeze out the truth. All it takes is a little cooperation and our creative juices. Let’s get together, have FUN and make a difference!

Watch for news and events, including CHALKUPY, The Tonyght Show, our first full-length album, “Where’s Our Change?” & our second album coming this year!

If you’d like to donate to our various projects, thank you!!! You can do that here: FJP Fundraising


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