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Invisible Flame VIDEO

Video by Drake Matney, Featuring The Martin Duprass
by Craig


Corner Of A Circle VIDEO

Video by Drake Matney, filmed at The Root OKC
by Craig

back alley pic

Live Performances

Invisible Flame, Norman, Opolis, 8/18/17 Corner Of A Circle, Norman, Opolis, 8/18/17 Prison Song, OKC, The Root, 5/27/17
by Fresh Juice Party


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When I Grow Up VIDEO

Video by Jeffrey Driskill (2015)
by Craig

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Final Bonus VIDEO

Video by Janel Sterbentz & Bunker Films (2015)
by Craig

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Dr. Who (1963 Theme) VIDEO

Video by Fresh Juice Party
by Craig



LIVE Schedule!

Want to see us live? Check our schedule below. For booking, email UPCOMING! Fresh Juice Party’s LIVE Schedule: Recording in 2019///Shows TBA ARCHIVE of Fresh Juice Party’s schedule: Friday, ...
by FJP

by Fresh Juice Party


Electronic Press Kit

Would you like to book Fresh Juice Party for a live show? Do you have a request for a song to promote your cause, event or organization? Please take a look at the Electronic Press Kit below & contact us! BIO: Songwriting du...
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