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December 21, 2011

FJP gets international support for our action for Bradley Manning!

April 22, 2011
International support for FJP! We are receiving a mountain of support from friends in the US and internationally.  In addition to the chorus of voices in the US, we’ve heard from Italy, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Russia, France, Croatia, Argentina, Ireland, Switzerland, India, Scotland, England, Slovenia, Spain, Pakistan, Poland, Canada, Greece, Austria, Jamaica, Finland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Netherlands, Qatar, and Costa Rica.

Here is one particularly sweet comment we received: ”Just wanted to say how I admired your song at Obama’s fundraiser. Guys, thank you so much! I live in Croatia where we have lost all hope that something can actually be done. You are so inspiring! You shed light in all this darkness. Thank you so much!”

Thank you, all! Please keep up the global fight for Bradley Manning and Truth/Ethics in government and business!