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March 30, 2013

Pepper Sprayer VIDEO

Video by Fresh Juice Party

From UC Davis to Black Friday, here’s a new craze that’s sweeping the nation…

If you want to demonstrate in California
That’s great but don’t say I didn’t warn ya
You can have a sit-in or make a stand
But you may have to take a bath in cayenne
There are cops in cars and cops on bikes
There are cops misbehaving like Officer John Pike
Spraying faces like the Mousselini of graffiti
Just a habanero hero with no love or pity
Mama raised her son up cool
Mama told me to stay in school
Well here I am, trying to show some scruples
Now I got red shit burning my pupils
Standing in the rain, wet and freezin’
Trying to make these damn cops listen to reason
They just want to redden my complexion
But I’m already seasoned to perfection
Please officer
Please don’t protect me no more
Hey pepper sprayer
Just let me sit here on the floor
Please Mr. policeman
Please don’t serve me right now
Hey pepper sprayer
I’m not on the menu any how
You’re making a grown man cry
Just look me in the eye
instead of turning my face into a vindaloo
in case you didn’t know, that’s a spicy red stew
It gives me indigestion
To see what’s become of this nation
It makes my broken heart burn
When things take such an ugly turn
Please officer
Please don’t protect me no more
Hey pepper sprayer
We got a cleanup in aisle four
Please Mr policeman
Turn your attention over here
To these pepper sprayers
I fear their holiday cheer
Black Friday shoppers
You need protection it’s true
From pepper sprayers
Who don’t like shopping with you
Black Friday shoppers
Camping in the parking lot
Beware the pepper sprayer
She thinks it’s worth the crap she bought


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