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March 1, 2012 Interviews Fresh Juice Party’s Dennis Trainor, Jr. has a conversation with Occupy the Truth “Un-conference” hosts from the Fresh Juice Party


On today’s Occupodcast a conversation with Fresh Juice Party memebers Craig Casey, Naomi Pitcairn, and Pratibha Gautam of the Fresh Juice Party and Kas Neteler, Open Space Facilitator

Writing for, Susan Mernit sums up the conference this way:

Thinking about how the values of Occupy Wall Street can fit into both the media you read and your daily life?

Wondering about the values of whistleblowers who speak truth to power? Or concerned about the fate of Pvt. Bradley Manning, the soldier imprisoned since 2010 for allegedly supplying WikiLeaks with classified data (and whose arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 23)?

Then head out to the “Occupy the Truth: Whistleblowers Conference” – a first of its kind activist/expert un-conference- to be held this weekend at the University of California, Berkeley, International House.


The un-conference being hosted by the Fresh Juice Party and KPFA at International House in Berkeley might be just the thing for you. It’s going to be a good humored, but purposeful night and two days of discussion, activities and yes, fun.

At the un-conference, the audience will set the agenda around the whistleblower theme. According to organizer Naomi Pitcairn, participants will include filmmaker Mikko Allane; strategist Celia Alario; Christine Assange (by Phone); performance artist Larry Bogad; whistleblower Thomas Drake; whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg; ACLU Policy Council and former FBI Special Agent Mike German; Iceland Parliament Member Briggita Jonsdottir, who nominated Manning for a Nobel prize (via Skype); organizer and widow of the late great Abbie Hoffman Johanna Lawrenson; filmmaker and sex worker rights activist Carol Leigh; longtime medical marijuana activist Dr. Frank Lucido; Ex-CIA analyst and writer Ray McGovern; actress/activist Alexandra Paul; government accountability project attorny Jesselyn Radack; social entrepreneur Peter Samuelson; artist and media hoaxer Joey Skaggs; artist, filmmaker and former porn star Annie Sprinkle Ph.D.; activist Andy Stepanian; “Darfur Now’s” Adam Sterling; Professor Elizabeth Stephens; Rev. Billy Talen; and Ret. Army Col. Ann Wright.

According to Naomi Pitcairn, Occupy the Truth is an event where serious discussions are going to mesh with a spirit of play.

“We’ve got an amazing core of people and some real issues to discuss,” she says, “And if you care about transparency, freedom of speech and a just society, this is the place to be.”