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Final Bonus VIDEO

Video by Janel Sterbentz & Bunker Films (2015)
by Craig

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Live Performances

Final Bonus, OKC, 5/25/17 Naive Melody, OKC, 2/17/17 Small Garden, Sacramento, 6/5/16 Monsanto Monstruo, New York City, 3/31/16 Guitar solos, Brooklyn, 3/18/16 Sun Is Shining, OKC, 2/5/16
by Fresh Juice Party



Book Of Love VIDEO

This love song was inspired by our grandparents, featured in the video, who’ve been married since 1942. DOWNLOAD the song on iTunes or Amazon
by Fresh Juice Party


Mabel’s Savior VIDEO

This song is inspired by a true story about two stray cats, God & Mabel, adopted into one household. A love story for the ages. Please adopt and rescue furry friends from a shelter instead of buying a pet…you’ll...
by Fresh Juice Party


Pepper Sprayer VIDEO

FREE DOWNLOAD…SCROLL DOWN! From UC Davis to Black Friday, here’s a new craze that’s sweeping the nation… Lyrics: If you want to demonstrate in California That’s great but don’t say I didnR...
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