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May 27, 2012

Julian Assange comments on Fresh Juice Party’s singing protest for gov’t transparency

IN THIS POST : Julian Assange talks about FJP’s singing protest in a LIVE interview with TIMES NOW.

April 28, 2011


TIMES NOW: …Do you think the American government will get you?
JULIAN ASSANGE: I don’t think so. But only because we have a lot of support. It really is like that, we have people supporting us, doing a lot in various levels from demonstrations in the street to just recently, just yesterday 12 people went to an Obama fundraiser, paid 5,000 dollars per person*, sat at the table and altogether got up and sung how unhappy they were with the White House’s treatment of Bradley Manning, our alleged source who is in military prison. That spectrum of support is what is keeping us strong, is what is keeping these forces at bay…

[*Note: Our seats, as well as those of all of the activists who joined our protest, were donated.]

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