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February 10, 2012

Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

Pfc. Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the entire parlimentary group of The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament on Wednesday, February 1. The parliamentary group released a brief letter of recommendation to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, below.

We have the great honor of nominating Private First Class Bradley Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. Manning is a soldier in the United States army who stands accused of releasing hundreds of thousands of documents to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks. The leaked documents pointed to a long history of corruption, war crimes, and imperialism by the United States government in international dealings. These revelations have fueled democratic uprising around the world, including a democratic revolution in Tunisia. According to journalists, his alleged actions helped motivate the democratic Arab Spring movements, shed light on secret corporate influence on our foreign policies, and most recently contributed to the Obama Administration agreeing to withdraw all U.S.troops from the occupation in Iraq.

Bradley Manning has been incarcerated for well over a year by the U.S. government without a trial. He spent over ten months of that time period in solitary confinement, conditions which experts worldwide have criticized as torturous. Juan Mendez, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment, has repeatedly requested and been denied a private meeting with Manning to assess his conditions.

The documents made public by WikiLeaks should never have been kept from public scrutiny. The revelations – including video documentation of an incident in which American soldiers gunned down Reuters journalists in Iraq – have helped to fuel a worldwide discussion about America’s overseas engagements, civilian casualties of war, imperialistic manipulations, and rules of engagement. Citizens worldwide owe a great debt to the WikiLeaks whistleblower for shedding light on these issues, and so I urge the Committee to award this prestigious prize to accused whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Margrét Tryggvadóttir
Þór Saari
Members of the Icelandic Parliament for The Movement

Let’s hope the Committee can get it right this time around. Exposing war crimes is not a crime, and is deserving of gratitude. President Obama really should consider giving his prize back as he has been one of Bradley Manning’s most powerful adversaries.

If you are passionate about Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, NDAA, the Occupy movement or any issues around the theme of transparency, participate in Occupy the Truth: Whistleblowers Conference!

Countdown: Tomorrowwe kickoff our Occupy the Truth: Whistleblowers Conference! The three day event will begin at 6pm on Friday, February 17th with a Bradley Manning Panel featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Ann Wright and Ray McGovern, followed by a performance by Reverend Billy!

FRI: $10 Registration online/at the door (Proceeds go to Bradley Manning’s defense)
SAT & SUN: Pre-register FREE online OR Register for $10 at the door

February 17-19, 2012
UC Berkeley International House

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Register for Occupy  the Truth: Whistleblower's Conference in Berkeley, CA  on Eventbrite & learn more about this event below:

“There is no truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.” - Thomas Jefferson

Transparency needs your brain. Whistleblowers need your protection. Fresh Juice Party invites you to bring your ideas.

Please join our co-sponsors KPFA Pacifica Radio 94.1FM, journalists, former military personnel, academics, activists, policy makers, media experts, filmmakers and whistleblowers for an open discussion designed to encourage unexpected interdisciplinary alliances and action.

Join us Friday night, Feb. 17 for a mixer at 6pm, 7:00 – 8:30 panel discussion about Bradley Manning featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Ann Wright and Ray McGovern, followed by an entertaining and thought provoking “sermon” by the legendary Reverend Billy.

Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 18-19 will be a first of its kind activist/expert un-conference mix so expect to be surprised. This will be a unique participant driven environment where we will co-create the agenda for the day. Sharing, networking and creating new alliances will be central to providing strategies and support for whistleblowers. While attendees physically gather in Berkeley, there will be opportunities for contemporaneous online participation via Twitter #TruthCon, live streaming, chats, and possibly Skype for those who must attend remotely due to distance or desire to remain Anonymous. Please email us at to receive updates for online participation.

Come and enjoy the freedom of discussion and mobility of an unconference where serious discussion interplays with an open space atmosphere of creativity and play.

Everyone who attends will receive a book of the proceedings shortly afterwards. Sensitive materials will be treated as such.

REGISTER BELOW NOW! Or Register at Event Brite 

Check for updates on Facebook and Twitter @FreshJuiceParty #TruthCon

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Sliding scale donations for Saturday and Sunday’s events are suggested, but you may enter $0 registration fee if you cannot make a donation today.

Who is the Conference for? Anyone who really cares about truth and transparency. (Practitioners and academics in the information, communication, media, computer, and library domains, members of NGOs working on civil society and good governance issues, and all who are interested in ethical, legal and regulatory aspects of information and communication.)

Participants who have already committed are, in alphabetical order:
Mikko Alanne, Filmmaker 
Celia Alario, Strategist, Former Press Secretary at Arianna for Gov
Larry Bogad, Performance Artist
Dr. Jennifer Conrad, Veterinarian and Animal Advocate
Thomas Drake, NSA Whistleblower
Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower
Jodie Evans, Co-founder of Code Pink
Mike German, ACLU Policy Council, Former FBI Special Agent
Birgitta Jonsdottir, Member of Icelandic Parliament, Nominated Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize (via Skype)
Johanna Lawrenson, Organizer and widow of the late great Abbie Hoffman
Carol Leigh, Filmmaker
Dr. Frank Lucido, Longtime Medical Marijuana and Anti-nuclear Activist
Ray McGovern, Ex-CIA Analyst and Writer
Occupy Oakland, Oakland Community Members
Alexandra Paul, Actress and Activist
Jesselyn Radack, Government Accountability Project Attorney
Peter Samuelson, Social Entrepreneur
Cindy SheehanPeace activist
Joey Skaggs
Artist and Media Hoaxer
David Solnit
Activist and Writer
Annie Sprinkle Ph
Former Porn Star, Artist and Activist
Andy Stepanian
Social justice activist, Artist, Co-founder of The Sparrow Project
Elizabeth Stephens PhD
Professor, Filmmaker and Activist
Adam Sterling
Writer and Former Executive Director of the Sudan Divestment Task Force, Appeared in Darfur Now
Reverend Billy Talen,
Activist and Performance Artist
Ann Wright
Retired Army Colonel and Activist

*We invite voices from Anonymous to join anonymously via Twitter #TruthCon throughout the conference. Their contributions will be displayed on a projection screen in the room.

Friday 6:00 pm Mixer, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Panel Discussion on Bradley Manning, 8:30 Reverend Billy Sermon

Saturday 9:00 am Registration and Breakfast, 10:00 am Opening Circle, Discussion Session 1, Noon to 1:00 pm Lunch, Discussion Sessions 2,3,4 and 5, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Closing Circle

Sunday 9:00 am Registration and Breakfast, 10:00 am Opening Circle, Discussion Session 1, Noon to 1:00 pm Working Lunch (Discussion Session 2), Discussion Session 3, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Closing Circle

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