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December 21, 2011

President Obama Attends FJP’s Launch Party!


April 21, 2011 The FRESH JUICE PARTY ( movement made its grand debut in San Francisco this morning at an Obama fundraising breakfast at the St. Regis Hotel.  Showing they’ve got considerable juice behind them, the organization squeezed out thousands of dollars for seats at the event for the opportunity to sing a song for the President. (OFFICIAL Fresh Juice Party video- “Where’s Our Change” a song to President Obama)  At the conclusion of their performance, the other guests applauded after a stunned pause, and the President commented on the creativity of the song, saying, “They have better voices than I do…Thank you for the song…Now that’s the kind of creativity I’m talking about.”  He had been speaking of the importance of grassroots organizing before the song began.

This growing group of concerned citizens feels the President and the DNC need to remain true to the principles Obama asserted when he was campaigning in 2008.  So they commandeered the morning’s festivities with the song, “Where’s Our Change?” to show solidarity with Bradley Manning, American soldier and alleged Wikileaks source who has been languishing in a detention center in Quantico, Virginia since July 2010 without due process, often forced to stand naked and being refused the ability to meet with United Nations officials.  The 5th and 8th Amendment Violations against him have led to public outcry here in the United States and internationally.  So much so that there are now plans to move Manning to another facility.

The FRESH JUICE PARTY is an experimental action group, but this is no joke: they promise to PAY individuals who post videos on YouTube of themselves singing the song (found at in a public forum, up to $100 per video and the top video will win an award of $1,000.