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The Tonyght Show!

Tony’s Circus presents The Tonyght Show starring Tony King w/ Fresh Juice Party as house band! This prime-time online talk show highlights local activists and artists. The affable host is a vegan lion who is moonlighting ...
by FJP


News chopper catches FJP’s chalkupy in LA!

August 9, 2012 If you like this chalk art, please consider making a donation to Fresh Juice Party’s Chalkupy Fund here: FRESH JUICE PARTY FUNDRAISING! Click HERE for HELICOPTER VIDEO FOOTAGE of our LA chalkupy — fro...
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Make Out Not War

Chalkupy Gallery

IN THIS POST : Chalkupy slideshow; New York Times Magazine article featuring our chalkupy in Oakland; CBS helicopter footage of our chalkupy in LA; and other links for more pics and news on FJP’s chalk art! Chalk You The ...
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